The program is based on the fractional ownership and effective management of aircrafts. It is the most attractive and extensive program we offer with all kinds of benefits ...
The program for aircraft owners who wish to sell any share in the aircraft and thereby reduce the cost of its maintenance, servicing and management ...
The program for the owners and shareholders who do not fully exploit their plane, and would reduce costs without the need for the disposal of its shares ...
The flight training program for owners and shareholders who do not have pilot licence but wish to obtain the courses after which may control their aircraft ...
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Aviation English

We are proud to announce that SkyBros is cooperating with to start Aviation English classes in Poznan. If you are interested please refer to the information on our website.

SkyBros enters Polish market.

We are pleased to welcome you to our new website. SkyBros is the first branch of the SHARE BROS GROUP company which was founded by pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Analyzing the rapid development of General Aviation in Poland and at once more demand for air service, we created four separate programs aimed for customers who wish to purchase and use their own aircraft much easier than before.

Airport base

The overall aim of the fractional ownership program is to provide logistical network of airports in all major Polish cities. The first airport base for our aircrafts is a private airfield near Poznan Zerniki Gadki. Landing area is fenced, and each hangar has a monitoring and alarm system. In the future, the main base for our aircraft will be Modlin Airport (EPMO) near Warsaw.

Monthly fees of maintenance and servicing.

Monthly fee for the Cessna 182 is as low as 1 500 PLN for a single shareholder, that it is virtually imperceptible for the month compared to the costs that are incurred in having the full ownership. The contributions of all possible costs and services associated with the maintenance of the aircraft, such as insurance, hangars, the continuing airworthiness, maintenance and servicing.

Fractional ownership

We are offering fractional ownership in the single-engine and multi-engines aircraft We provide the maintenance and servicing by service centers located in whole country. This can significantly reduce the costs of maintaining aircraft. We also plan to provide fractional ownership in helicopters as a part of our future  offer.

Availability of aircraft

The priority of our program is to create a fractional ownership of a fleet of at least five aircraft of the same type. This is entirely sufficient to make the airplane always available, even if several co-owners will schedule a flight at the same time. To avoid conflicts, all shareholders have individual access to the online reservation system on our website.

Remaining hours

Each 1/8 shareholder of the aircraft has 75 hours of flight time per year. If you are unable to use the time package, the remaining hours might be resold to other shareholders or be offered  through a program TimeBROS.  The cost per engine hour for non SkyBROS members must be always agreed individually with the owner or shareholders.

Selling shares

If come to the conclusion that holding a share in the airplane is to expensive, you might offer your share to other co-owners or try to find entirely new shareholder on your place. By customer request, we are pleased to prepare and publish your share with remaining hours at our website and other aviation sites.

Flight training for co-owners

Holding a pilot license means prestige and total independence. There is nothing more beautiful than the ability to fly  own plane, so each of the shareholders who does not have a pilot licence, may be able to participate in our flight training program called FlyBROS. Even if you are to busy to find time to make the pilot license, we are offering you professional services provided by our pilots.

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