The program is based on the fractional ownership and effective management of aircrafts. It is the most attractive and extensive program we offer with all kinds of benefits ...
The program for aircraft owners who wish to sell any share in the aircraft and thereby reduce the cost of its maintenance, servicing and management ...
The program for the owners and shareholders who do not fully exploit their plane, and would reduce costs without the need for the disposal of its shares ...
The flight training program for owners and shareholders who do not have pilot licence but wish to obtain the courses after which may control their aircraft ...
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Aviation English

We are proud to announce that SkyBros is cooperating with to start Aviation English classes in Poznan. If you are interested please refer to the information on our website.

SkyBros enters Polish market.

We are pleased to welcome you to our new website. SkyBros is the first branch of the SHARE BROS GROUP company which was founded by pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Analyzing the rapid development of General Aviation in Poland and at once more demand for air service, we created four separate programs aimed for customers who wish to purchase and use their own aircraft much easier than before.

SkyBROS (Sky Brokerage, Reservation & Operational Services)


SkyBROS a completely new, independent program based on the fractional ownership and effective management of aircraft. It is the most attractive and extensive program we offer, which focuses on:

  • safety - our aircraft are a proven and reliable constructions. All aircraft being in the SkyBROS program are offered in the most advanced configuration to provide our clients the maximum level of flight safety in all weather conditions. Additional options available in the standard version, such as anti-collision system, de-icing instalation are also included in the cost of share.
  • high technology - the glass cockpits, which display all the flight parameters are gradually replacing analogue instruments. The system can be easily uploaded to update it with new features such as Synthetic Vision Technology showing on the display screen both terrain and obstacles. Aircraft in SkyBROS are fully developed with highest technology avionics regularly updated and serviced when needed.
  • convenience - our clients may forget about the uncomfortable maintenance, surveys and caring for continuing airworthiness. Through SkyBROS each shareholder may focus only on own interests and use an airplane almost as a car. Our division is: Fly where  and whenever you want. We'll take care of the rest.
  • prestigepurchasing a share in the aircfraft makes you legal co-owner. Each program member of SkyBROS receives an access to a constantly growing fleet of modern and safe new generation aircraft equipped with latest technology avionics  that in terms of functionality is similar to the systems installed in large jet aircfraft.
  •  independence - making reservations through an intuitive control panel allows you easily plan your journey giving an enormous sense of independence and comfort. Members in the SkyBROS program may forget about the long briefings at the overcrowded airport,  train delays and dangerous, crowded, Polish roads. With own plane, you can conveniently visit all places during the same day.
  • saving time & money - flying  own aircfart not only saves time but also saves money. Flying at a constant speed helps to avoid traffic, and continue your journey may be even cheaper than the tiring journey by car on the same distance. All co-owners  in the SkyBROS program participate in costs of maintenance and management, making the ownership and use their aircraft more cost effective.

SkyBROS provides:

  • Access to a growing fleet of fully equipped aircraft
  • True Equity Ownership
  • Professional Aircraft Management
  • Contracts Administration and Management
  • Aircraft Registration
  • Aircraft Storage and Storage Management
  • Hull and Liability Insurance
  • Fuel and Oil
  • Noise Canceling Headsets for you and your passengers
  • Charts - Electronic and Paper IFR En-route Chart, VFR Navigation Charts
  • 24-hour Telephone and Online Aircraft Scheduling
  • Optional Training - Private, Transition, IFR, VFR, Recurrency
  • Quality, Personal Service from a well qualified staff of Aviation Professionals
  • Tracking, and Supervision of Scheduled and Unscheduled Maintenance
  • Warranty Coordination
  • Regulation Compliance Paperwork and Management


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