The program is based on the fractional ownership and effective management of aircrafts. It is the most attractive and extensive program we offer with all kinds of benefits ...
The program for aircraft owners who wish to sell any share in the aircraft and thereby reduce the cost of its maintenance, servicing and management ...
The program for the owners and shareholders who do not fully exploit their plane, and would reduce costs without the need for the disposal of its shares ...
The flight training program for owners and shareholders who do not have pilot licence but wish to obtain the courses after which may control their aircraft ...
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Aviation English

We are proud to announce that SkyBros is cooperating with to start Aviation English classes in Poznan. If you are interested please refer to the information on our website.

SkyBros enters Polish market.

We are pleased to welcome you to our new website. SkyBros is the first branch of the SHARE BROS GROUP company which was founded by pilots and aviation enthusiasts. Analyzing the rapid development of General Aviation in Poland and at once more demand for air service, we created four separate programs aimed for customers who wish to purchase and use their own aircraft much easier than before.

ShareBROS (Share Brokerage, Reservation & Operational Services)


Owning an airplane is undoubtedly the property of their advantages, but unfortunately it involves an enormous financial burden in the form of regular maintenance costs regardless of whether the aircraft flies or not. The year is 8760 hours, and even with very intensive operation, most of the time the aircfraft spends on the ground.


ShareBROS provides:

  • Purchase or sale of any type of aircraft
  • No contacts that restrict access and using an aircraft
  • Professional legal and financial help
  • Help in issuing tenders and searching for co-owners
  • A significant reduction in maintenance costs and management
  • The ability to purchase and make full use of the aircraft in 25% of its value
  • Full flexibility in setting annual hourly packages
  • Individual setting conditions for the use of aircraft as required
  • A free hand to chose any aircfraft management company
  • The possibility of attaching an aircraft to online reservation system
  • Technical facilities, service and administrative provided

How the program works:


Sharing with you our experience, we present to our site the best deals of used aircraft. Then we are looking for partners who want to buy at least 25% of the aircraft. ShareBROS is a simplified program of co-ownership of an aircraft on which the shares are acquired for an indefinite period. Co-owners can only benefit from own plane, not the entire fleet as is the case of SkyBROS program. Therefore, we suggest you purchase at least 25% of the aircraft to avoid booking conflicts.


ShareBROS program is directed also to the aircraft owners who wish to sell any share in  aircfraft and thereby reduce the cost of its maintenance. Anyone can publish an offer on our website and search for the co-owners themselves. The program is aimed to sell shares in any type of aircraft.

If the aircraft is new and is eligible for SkyBROS program it might be included to the fleet. Signing a contract guarantees technical support and professional maintenance of the aircraft on very favorable terms. The advantage of SkyBROS membership is an Access to a growing fleet of fully equipped aircraft and ability to reserve and manage aircraft using online reservation system on our website.

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